State of the Internet on the outskirts of Blue Lake, CA

I have three different methods available to me right now to connect to the internet. None of them are perfect, in fact all are far from it.  I thought as long as I had the opportunity, I would test all three to compare them.

My home connection is Tsunami Wireless, with speeds that are supposed to be 6+ down and 1.5 to 2 up, however, download is almost half that right now.  Here is tonight's speed test (using on Tsunami (UPDATE: THE SPEED CAME BACK TO NORMAL A COUPLE DAYS LATER):

I also have a Verizon 4G Ellipsis Jetpack from work.  I did a speed test on that modem and got the following disappointing results:

Finally, I set up the mobile hotspot on my AT&T iPhone 7+, and got the following results:

Surprisingly, AT&T wins.  

Frankly, I dislike all three of these bandwidth-capped methods of connecting.  I get 22GB 15GB data on the "unlimited" Verizon modem, before they choke it down, and 22GB with the "unlimited" AT&T data connection (although AT&T very rarely throttles data in Humboldt County, and Verizon throttles your data to below 600k the second you pass 15GB, regardless if the network is congested or not!), and Tsunami gives me 50 gb/month for $65 and then charges per GB for every GB over (last month, my Tsunami bill was $130 for the month!).  But, that is what I have, I use all three, and don't really like any of them.  I sure wish Suddenlink would provide service to where I live, I would gladly pay their $90 per month for a solid uncapped connection!

(updated on 9/15/18 with revised status on Tsunami, correct data cap for Verizon, and more info on speed reductions on cell providers)