La Canada Fire (also called "Station Fire") threatening homes, causing evacuations

Photo by k8jonez: Oceanview near Foothill - border between La Canada and La Crescenta

Please note, this post is now closed.  However, most of the links are to dynamic information sources that update periodically, and can still be of great value to anyone trying to stay on top of the fires.

I have tried to move links to photos, videos, and news articles that are "static" to the next post down, , and have labeled the time and date to next to most of the news links.

I started this list because my parents live in La Canada, and I was (and continue to be) worried from the other end of California.  It was very hard to find a good source of fairly current information about this fire, and I have never been one to sit quietly and do nothing, so I decided to aggregate my own sources of info, and they have proved useful. Whether you live near the fires, or have friends or family that do, I hope that this information will be of some use to you too.




Here is the layout that I am using to monitor twitter for up to date info on the fire (lots of pics too).  I think that this tweetgrid is the best source of raw, up to the minute information that I have found, give it a try! 

I have been asked what search terms are used for the columns in the link, above (which you should feel free to modify).

They are:

1. La Canada OR Flintridge

2. La Crescenta OR Tujunga OR Sunland -handyman (the "-handyman" switch eliminates some annoying twitter spam)

3. "Angeles National Forest" OR "Station Fire" OR "Angeles Crest"

4. Altadena

Likewise, there is an updating graphics engine at Twitcaps that will present you with photos and videos from around the web.  I am using the search term "La Canada", please modify it to your town or even "station fire" for slightly different results.

KNX1070 has streaming audio available and is doing fantastic job of covering fire, very current info. (and, it even works on my mac!)

KABC is a great source of streaming video, @wilw (author/director/actor Wil Wheaton) on twitter sez "Thank you to @abc7 for being the ONLY local station covering the huge brushfire that's threatening homes in La Crescenta, where I grew up."

Live fire and police radio frequencies can be monitored streaming over web here (try the feeds with the most listeners first)

La Canada Flintridge city website has fire updates. Looks like they're posted hourly (mostly):

Insightful and information-rich blog of the fire from a firefighter's perspective.  Great maps and satellite imagery.

Angeles National Forest Incident Information System -

Aggregated data collected by the Los Angeles Times and displayed in Google Maps

Mount Wilson Observatory Webcam (west view), LIVE! Updated every two minutes.

Mt Wilson Observatory Blog, lots of fire updates from their perspective:

ENPLAN Wildfire viewer, Interactive California Wildfire Map, fed by MODIS satellite data (Heat detect data updates received from satellites every 6 hours and it refreshes map data hourly.).  Go to search box on right about half way down screen, enter zip for La Canada 91011) and the sat. map will zoom to a < script src="" type="text/javascript"> prox area of fires.  Then go to "hybrid" view to get street overlay, and zoom in on fire area(s) of interest

The LA County Fire Department website with tips for evacuations and safety during fire storm situations.

City of Glendale Emergency Opera tions Center fire information (lists evacuation info for La Crescenta):

Altadena blog begins to track fire updates as fire spreads in that direction.  They have redirected a weathercam toward the approaching fire.

Directory of Glendale blog starts tracking fire updates:

"The Real La Canada" friend feed is collecting information and stories about the fire from locals, check it out at

Another good list of resources, photos, and other information about the Station Fire from Susan Kitchens at 2020 Hindsight:

Excellent article about the the effects of this and other fires on the local residents by Kathy Kristof of CBS Moneywatch

This is Station Fire:

8/31/09 NEW LINKS:

As the fire spreads, there are new links that may begin to contain relevant information to those tracking the fires, such as:

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff incident news web site:

LA County Fire Department information:

LA County Department of Public Works, Road Closure Info:

Phil Hulett of KFWB is back on the job, get breaking fire updates at

TCN North Now: news about Glendale, Crescenta Valley, Burbank and La Cañada - summarizes some good local fire news coverage:


***Please note, this post is now closed.  However, most of the links are to dynamic information sources that update periodically, and can still be of great value to anyone trying to stay on top of the fires.

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Steve. I think you just did. :) Interesting site, lots of info packed into your portal. Folks should check it out. Catch you on Twitter.
Thanks for your blog, Greg. I'm in the Silicon Valley and my parents are in La Crescenta. Your blog is the best source of info I've been able to find.
Thanks Dave! I have put a fair amount of time into it and am glad that it is helping others too.