Jay's Birthday Idea

(updated, see end of post)

My kid is turning 7 years old soon, and they have decided to ask all their friends to help them do something different for their birthday.  They are starting a donation drive for the local Animal Shelter.  I am very proud of their idea and wanted to share it with you.

Jay's bedroom is full up on toys and games, so we asked what they wanted to do instead. Earlier this year, our next door neighbor adopted this handsome dog Django Reinhardt from the shelter. Also, Jay and Susan recently visited the shelter to donate old towels and meet the animals. So, instead of giving them a present for their birthday, they're asking for their friends to help in putting together a big care package for the dogs and cats at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.

The shelter says that they can always use the following items:

• Cat treats

• Dog treats

• Canned food (no dry food, please)

• Cat toys

• Dog toys

• Peanut butter to put in KONG toys for dogs

• Used blankets

• Used towels

• Donations to the shelter's emergency medical fund  (make checks payable to Friends for Life Animal Rescue and send them to PO Box 962 Eureka, CA 95502 or donate online at www.dogrescuers.org)

Update #1

The donation drive for the local Animal Shelter was a great success!  Here is a photo of Jay with all the great items that were donated at their party. In addition to what you see in the picture, there is a whole bin of towels, and $50 in cash! 

Update #2

Here is Jay helping to deliver the donations to the shelter, and getting a VIP tour of the animals!