The Intersection of Fun and Motivation

Rosa Golijan posted a blog entry titled "These Piano Stairs Will Motivate Even The Laziest of You" over at

The blog entry links to a youtube video posted by Volkswagen:

This is a funny video, but the message is deeper. Rosa's title to the blog post draws attention to how hard those people are working, dancing up and down those stairs. Watch the older man, an elder, walking slowly and carefully on flat ground, who veers toward the stairs and away from the escalator. Watch the folks dance up and down and up again. Fun motivates people. They are much more willing to exert themselves in physical activities and exercise, when it is FUN! I mean the kind of fun that makes you feel like a little kid at the amusement park for the first time. I need to remember that as I design programs. It is an important lesson. Never lose contact with your inner child.