Typing on the iPhone

I am writing this on my iPhone to see how quickly I can type. I read an article that said if I wanted to get quicker at typing on my iPhone, I should look at the screen where the text is displayed, NOT the keyboard. They were right! Eventually you get really good at typing fast but only if you don't stare at the keyboard. Give it a try (well, assuming you actually have an iPhone that is)

Oh yea, and "hi Rick".

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Why are you texting and driving at the same time? I guess you do have that new "get out of jail free' card.
hahaha. I was not driving, I was sitting on the porch with my iPhone, but perhaps that is just as bad. After all, I could have fallen off the porch, and not been able to get up. Then somebody could have tripped over me and twisted their ankle or something. So, yea, dangerous typing indeed! :)