Vacation Day Two: 3:15 AM Coast Starlight Train

Day Two; We returned the Whale and got a room at the Redding Travel Lodge so we could get a few hours sleep (not bad for a budget motel, clean, good service, fine place if you are just staying for a night or two).  We got up at 1:30am, taxi at 2:15am, Amtrak Train scheduled to leave at 3:15am (actual train arrival time after delays, 4am).  The train station at Redding is unmanned, but at least there was indoor seating on wooden benches (as you can see from the photos) and a bathroom!  Quite the adventure with a 4 yr old, but Logan was a trooper!  The hotel gave us sack breakfasts at check-in when they heard how early we had to leave, with apple sauce, granola bars, juice, and yogurt, a nice touch.  It really helped keep Logan from melting down, he had never been up that early morning in the morning before.