Vacation: The start of day one - The Whale

Vacation: The start of day one - The Whale

The first leg of our vacation calls for a one way rental car from home to Redding, where we will pick up the Amtrak train. I called the car rental place the afternoon before I was supposed to pick up the car, and was informed that they

...did not have my car, or for that matter any rentals cars at all on the lot. They were waiting for a half dozen to be returned. I was not sure to get the type car I ordered, but they would find me something...

Deep breath. Ok. Please don't let it be a SUV that sucks gas like a, well, nevermind, just not a SUV, ok?

I called again the next morning, and guess what they had for me, that's right, you guessed it, a SUV. A monster SUV. Specifically, a Lincoln Navigator. Super luxury to be sure, but... I started to make unhappy sounds and the very nice woman (Jessica I think) at the Eureka Hertz location offered to knock $50 off the already AAA discounted rate for my original car choice. So I ended up with a deluxe SUV at intermediate prices, and they paid for all the gas (I ended up using $48 worth of gas from start to end). I have dubbed the car, "The Whale." It was actually quite a nice car, GPS, Sirus, Bluetooth, electric everything, rear camera, I kept finding new things every time I would flip a switch or open a panel.

Here is a pic of the whale:

(formatting edited 6/6/10)