Last Speeder Run of the Year

Jay and I went to Samoa this morning to take a ride on the last day of Speeder runs for the year. It was a real blast. The views were great, the speeder was interesting, and the volunteers were friendly and knowledgeable. Dan Hauser was the tour guide narrating the trip. After the speeder run, we toured the Round House, the caboose, and all the other interesting exhibits the volunteers of the Timber Heritage Association have made available to the public. I hope that the THA is able to continue to work with the North Coast Rail Authority to open more sections of track around the bay. The crowds were thick, the speeder cars were full, and people were waiting in line for the next run. Obviously a popular activity for locals and tourists alike.

Buddy Brown Blues Festival a Rousing Success!

I am proud, (as a member of the mysterious P3LF), to announce that the Blue Lake Blues Society, (an unorganized disorganized chapter of the Humboldt Folklife Society), has earned $3,977 from the donations and net revenues of the Buddy Brown Blues Festival held on August 8, 2009. These funds are to support the Humboldt Folklife Society's "Folk People" childrens music program (please recite this paragraph 5 times, as quickly as you can).
It was a great day, wonderful weather, 7 fantastic local blues bands, and one of the best, if not the best of the last nine festivals.  Special thanks to the Blue Lake Casino for their reoccurring support of this event.
See you all next year!

North Coast Music Together

Recently, my child, Jay (age 3) and I went to a demo class for “North Coast Music Together” (NCMT), a “community of families sharing songs, instrument play, rhythm chants, and movement in a relaxed, playful and non-performance-based setting”.  It is for infants through toddlers, along with active parent participation.

This is the second attempt at a formal “music appreciation” class for my musically interested kid.  Our first attempt was at the HSU Music Academy.  

I also know one of the instructors, I assisted Jose on some of the technical design and installation aspects of the Digital Pathways video project for youth in Humboldt County.  He exudes the same boundless energy teaching 3yr olds that he does creating innovative Workforce Investment Act projects.

We start classes in the upcoming fall session.