An open letter to Apple, Inc.

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Dear Apple

I am experiencing a problem with iOS 7. Specifically, the thin lines (text and objects), parallax motion, and aggressively swooping animations are causing me nausea, similar to feeling "car sick."

I have turned on "REDUCE MOTION" to cut down on the parallax effect, which helps. I have reduced the brightness. I have turned on "bold" for my font preference in accessibility to help with the overly thin "vibrating" fonts on the screen, again, this provided some relief, but the interface is still full of objects that are composed of lines that are simply too thin, and there is way too much unnecessary motion.

Despite all the changes, I am still experiencing nausea when using my phone with iOS 7 due to the aggressive swooping animations throughout the system. My phone is a 4S, which I have had for two years, and this issue stared with the upgrade to iOS 7, it never occurred before that. I also had a 3GS for two years before that, no problem with nausea there either.

I went to research the issue, and have been finding similar reports that many many other people are having issues with this on twitter and in the blogs.

I am writing to ask that that you consider prioritizing an update that allows us to scale back or turn off the unnecessary animations, similar to the preference that allows me to turn off the "genie" effect in the dock of an OS X Macintosh.

Thank you for listening.

Greg Gehr