Mom and Dad are safely tucked into a nice hotel that allows them to keep their two small dogs too. They had a nice dinner at a favorite english restaurant of theirs, and are settled in for the night.

The house is still standing, no mud in house or pool yet, but the side yard is destroyed. During the height of the storm and mudflows last night, there were cars and k-rails literally flowing downhill, stacking on top of one another. Dad said that as they were driving (evacuating) off the hill he saw them clear the road, full of flood-washed cars, k-rails, and a variety of other debris, with a bull dozer to let emergency vehicles through and evacuees out.

Here are some links for more information on the flooding and mudflows:

Good photo gallery of damage, lots of photos of Ocean View and the devastation on Manistee, at the top of Ocean View: http://is.gd/7RtT8

Mom and Dad know practically every person in this article, some are good friends: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-woman-rescue7-2010feb07,0,1590192.sto...

More info: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-rain-web7-2010feb07,0,6286791.story

La Canada Update

I just got off the phone with Mom and Dad. They had a horrible night, huge storm, lots of flooding in the streets. So far, their home is still ok, lots of water flowing off hill but not much mud on their property. Many of their neighbors not faring as well. Seven homes were lost during the night in their neighborhood from mudflows. There were also some fatalities in SoCal as people, trying to escape in their cars, hydroplaned and crashed. Some more info in LA Times article here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/02/

As I was talking to my parents on the phone, the police came to the door and told them to get off the hill ASAP. Another storm cell is moving in, possibly worse than the one that just passed. Mom and Dad were very worried because the flood control folks had not showed up and removed the barriers that allows mud flows to go past house and into street as they have in the past few storms. The reason the emergency crews are not up on the hill is that the flooding and mud on Ocean View is so bad that they are having problems getting trucks and equipment up there. Police have Ocean View closed at Foothill Blvd due to mud, water, and debris in the street, including cars and krails washed down the hill.

The police, who have my sincere thanks, are helping Mom and Dad put up some boards, remove others, and put their bags in the car, so they can get them out of there. I got off the phone and asked Mom to call when they got off the hill and were safe. They cannot go to the Arrowhead house, it is snowed in. They have no idea where they are going, but the first priority is to get off that damn hill. I will keep updating the blog as I get more info...


Update  10:28am:  http://cbs2.com/local/storm.rain.flood.2.1475006.html

Update 11:09am: Ben Boychuk is providing my best avail. running summary of storm and flood/mud info in #stationfire area right now http://twitter.com/benboychuk/

January 2010 Storms and Parental Unit Update

Mom and Dad are safe, and in their Arrowhead house. There was a bad scare yesterday as they got snowed in at Arrowhead big time, followed shortly by the power going out, and the heat with it. I finally got a call from Mom and Dad, and they told me that their neighbor had a generator and threw them an extension cord for their heater, and then finally late that evening, the power in Arrowhead came back on. I feel better knowing that there is a neighbor that will at least keep their heater on in an emergency short term, and Dad has agreed that some sort of electric start generator and/or propane heat source is required for the Arrowhead house in the near future.

The La Canada house is doing as well as can be expected. The basketball court is a mud/water river, flowing out onto the street. The huge LA County storm drain in the back of the property is totally plugged, and all the water is coming down on the surface, and going down thru the basketball court and onto the street. The good news is that the water is fairly clear, not a lot of debris flowing right now, and no mud or water has breached the emergency wall that my sister, Elaine, started for Dad, in between the basketball court, and the pool & house. That wall continues to grow in height and reinforcement, and after this series of storms, if the La Canada house survives, it may grow some more.

There is still at least one more storm front coming in, there are heavy downpours expected in the early AM today in La Canada. Probably also means more snow for Arrowhead. Just what the Doctor ordered...NOT! Evacuations in La Crescenta/La Canada and surrounding communities has topped 1000 homes., and it may get worse. They say that another series of storms appears to be loading up in the Pacific, right on the same track as this one.

Mom and Dad only have cell phones up in Arrowhead, no internet, no landline, not even any TV (cable is out, and the old VCR is broken). Texting them does not work, they don't know how to read or send txt messages. Calling them is also an adventure, they don't know how to turn on the ringer, so one of the cell phones only vibrates, and the reception in the Arrowhead house is spotty at best, half the time they turn off one of the the phones if they are not making an outgoing call to save the battery, in case the power goes out again.

Are we having fun yet? More as it develops...

January 2010 SoCal Storms and Mud

The "Storm of January 2010" has hit California like a freight train. My folks, just recovering from the trauma of the Station Fire in La Canada, are "on the road" again, evacuating their home due to the danger of mudslides.

Once again, I find myself wanting much more information about the situation up here in the Redwoods of Northern California than is easily available. Similar to the info source I set up and referenced in my blog post(s) about the Station Fire, I have setup a new "TweetGrid" with three columns to help provide information to all those interested in the #LaCanada #MudSlides.

TweetGrid #LaCanada #MudSlides: http://is.gd/6xXpk

The first column of my TweetGrid is a twitter list which currently has four informative twitter accounts on it, I shall keep adding accounts to this list as I identify informative twitter accounts, and the tweetgrid should automatically update. The second TweetGrid column uses the following search string: "La Canada" OR #lacanada OR mudslide OR #mudslides OR "Station Fire" OR #stationfire. The third column is "La Crescenta" OR Sunland OR Tujunga OR Moorpark OR "Ocean View" OR Briggs OR "Angeles Crest" OR "Angeles National Forest" AND -chiropratic

NOTE: the "-chiropratic eliminates any tweet containing the word, "chiropratic." If you are bugged by non-relevant search results in your TweetGrid setup, find a unique relevant word that will eliminate that from the search, add a minus sign, and put it in the search string just like I did with "-chiropratic AND"

Hang on tight folks, the storm and mudslides are going to end up a worse disaster than the Station Fire itself. Lets keep an eye out for each other, whether we are in the middle of the mud, or a thousand miles away. We cannot stop the rain or the mud, but we can prove we are not going anywhere, and, to quote Jerry, "we will survive."