Free Anti-Virus Software for Macintosh 10.4 and up!

Sophos is offering it's full-featured anti-virus program for the Macintosh for FREE (for home and personal users).

You get business-grade protection for your Mac, from the same company that provides enterprise protection for my employer at work.

Did I mention it is FREE?  Did I mention that Sophos is very reputable in the anti virus and security field, specializing in enterprise and education/government markets?  Did I mention that there is no longer ANY excuse to leave your Mac unprotected?

This software is also very low overhead.  It does not popup warnings every three seconds, it does not slow your Mac down, it DOES protect you against threats, and prevent you from passing on dormant threats via email to Windows users.

It works with Mac OS X, versions 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6.

No more excuses.  Protect your Mac!

Download Here:

(BTW: If you do download and install this, I am interested in finding out via the comments if you found any viruses on your first scan.)

Working the Fall '10 KHSU fundraising drive

Had a team of coworkers with me from NCIDC working the phones at KHSU this morning. I spent an hour on the air from 8-9am, following President Rollin Richmond's segment*.  I was worried that I would choke on the air, but it went pretty smoothly, the time flew by, and I think we reached our goals in both of the hours I worked! Did you hear my segment? Comments, good and bad, both accepted with grace, dignity, and a lot of beer after work. :) (the chocolate was a bribe for one particular coworker who is not pictured, except for the hand holding the gold foil-wrapped chocolate cigar, you have to guess who that is).

* Rollin gave me my first look at the new Android phone during a break.  He just switched from an iPhone and I was very interested to see how similar it was to the iPhone.  The big plus for him is he does not have to deal with AT&T reception any more, the Android works on Verizon!

Donate to KHSU, support public radio!  

Last Speeder Run of the Year

Jay and I went to Samoa this morning to take a ride on the last day of Speeder runs for the year. It was a real blast. The views were great, the speeder was interesting, and the volunteers were friendly and knowledgeable. Dan Hauser was the tour guide narrating the trip. After the speeder run, we toured the Round House, the caboose, and all the other interesting exhibits the volunteers of the Timber Heritage Association have made available to the public. I hope that the THA is able to continue to work with the North Coast Rail Authority to open more sections of track around the bay. The crowds were thick, the speeder cars were full, and people were waiting in line for the next run. Obviously a popular activity for locals and tourists alike.